Monday, December 6, 2010

You can thank my sister....

So secretly, when my sister created a blog, I was jealous, and I had to make one too. So, congrats Rashin-the-Mashin, I am doing one. I always had a passion to write; it began when I was about eight years old, and my best friend growing up (Melika) and I would spend summer afternoons writing stories, accompanied by illustrations that we drew with our crayons! I was never one who was a great artist; I could not draw a stick figure to save my life. Melika, of course, had beautiful drawings to illustrate her stories. My stories were good, too, but when people saw my illustrations-- I could see it in their eyes that they thought I should just stick to writing stories. Well, that is what I am going to do-- write stories. I am going to create a new hobby-- blogging. I am going to reminisce about my pasts, share funny and sad stories, and write about my future goals and aspirations.

So here I am, writing my first blog. I am actually sitting in a Starbucks Coffee shop right now. I am accompanied by two of my good friends: Erin Maupin and Cruz Ramirez. Both Erin and Cruz are in Law School; occasionally, I look over in their directions, and both are hard at work, studying, typing, and preparing for the hectic stress finals week brings upon us masochistic graduate students. Erin looks adorable right now. She is wearing grey boots and leggings-- her facial expressions are hilarious because she is ACTUALLY studying, while here I am, blogging. Cruz, on the other hand, takes breaks and "people-watches." I have to admit, "people-watching" is one of my favorite activities. Being the fashion-forward woman that I am, I can not help but to admire and/or critique the choice of people's fashion. Granted, I am not saying I am the best dresser in the world, with perfect fashion or anything-- but fashion is my passion, and I am darn good at it. Earlier today, before I met Erin at the coffee shop, I was at home, watching an Episode of Glee. Good show, by the way.

I am a little behind on my television watching-- something I am sure my little sister does not experience (that girl watches so much TV, is always caught up on the latest story lines, and watches television shows I have never even heard of!). Anyways, so I made a turkey sandwich for lunch, and I was in the mood to watch-- or catch up!-- on my Glee TV loving. So this Glee episode was centered over gay-bullying; it was the one episode were Finn actually accepts Kurt just the way he is-- he even called his new stepbrother, "FURT" (a combination of the names Finn and Kurt). Being the sappy tree that I am, I was balling like a 5 year old. Occasionally, Lucy, my dog, would twist her neck and look at me because I was sniffling and crying. If only she knew how touching that episode was-- she would understand the emotions that were going on in my mind! Anyways, as I finished watching my Glee episode and rushed over to meet Erin Maupin at the coffee shop (which I was 15 minutes late for because I was so wrapped up with Glee!), I was not exactly in a fashion-for-passion kind of mood. Needless to say, I really have no right to be "people watching" and "fashion critiquing" at starbucks right now.

I ran out of my house, wearing a Juicy jacket, black sweat pants, Yorkshire-covered socks (little black and pink dogs are all over my socks!), and black flats. I was going for a "comfy" and "studying for finals" look. Well, as I was getting out of my car, a group of handsome men were sitting outside-- discussing some sort of business plan. They were dressed to the nines-- you know, nice dress shirt, slacks -- NOTHING like me. Here I am, with socks that have little dogs all over them, and a huge bun on my head. I look like a mess. Immediately, I took off my socks, and rushed inside the coffee shop. I took off my socks—like I literally took off my socks! Like that was going to help salvage my first impression—I look like I walked through a car wash! What was I thinking? Anyways, I walked in, with my black flats—and NO socks—and I gave Erin Maupin her birthday present (her birthday was in November-- and I had her present in my car for two weeks now!), and I sat down, and put my socks back on. Erin did not even notice that I had a pair of socks in my hand. So here I am, writing this blog, wearing my yorkshire-covered socks-- and those business men have left the building. I should be writing my final paper for my epidemiology course-- but writing about my fashion-faux pas was waaaay more exciting. Thanks for tuning in; I will be back soon! Have a lovely day!